Master Server

Server hráče Defau [59m 19s]

New End - 1 Attacker, 1 Defender

Throwback S6 P1 Rebellion v6.8.0M

Team 1

 (H) DefaultAmericanLoss (OW Closed)

Team 2

 hanszdosAmericanLoss (OW Closed)
Base level: Just storage
Count of people [Attacker]: 18[36]
Skills level: More experienced
Starting material: MediumStředně
Counting of boxes: Medium
Share fog: Yes
Support flags: Fade slowly
Detektion of siberite: Known
Count of monkeys: Average
Restoring people: Everytime
Siberite bomb: Unauthorized
Technologies from mission: NO
Arrabian hero is: Sheik

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