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Serveur de CRIPS [38m 23s]

Jungle Law - Kill 'em all

 (H) CRIPSRussianLoss
Base Level: Fortified
Amount of People: 24
Amount of Apemen: 0
Skill Level: Little experienced
Profession Distribution: Uniform
Starting Resources: 1
Shipments Density: 0
Extra Oil deposits: Normal
Extra Siberite deposits: None
Morale Flags: 3
Victory Conditions: Dominance
Amount of Apemen: Lots
Number of Tigers: Lots
People Respawn Mode: Extra People
People Respawning: 2
Starting Technology Level: 0
Technological Progress: Slow
Siberite detection: Researched
Siberite Bomb: Not Allowed
Build Up Time: 0
Arabian Sheikh: No Sheikh
Starting Daytime: Forenoon
Daytime Speed: Slow
Public score: No

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