Master Server

Serwer Strzelczyk [17m 00s]

Oldest Terror - One On One

Throwback S7 - Never Ending War v7.5.7
 (H) StrzelczykAmericanLoss
Game Rules: No Rules
Base Level *: Small Base
Amount of People *: 15
Amount of Apemen *: 0
Skill Level *: Experienced
Profession Distribution: Uniform
Starting Resources *: Lots
Shipments Density *: Medium
Oil Deposits *: Normal
Morale Flags *: Slowly Decreasing
Victory Conditions: Dominance
Wild Apemen &:
Sabertooth Tigers: Lots
People Respawn Mode: Respawn Dead
People Respawning *: Normal
Starting Technology Level *: 8
Technological Progress *: Normal
Siberite Bomb *: Authorized
Build Up Time *: None
Arabian Sheikh *: Sheikh is Extra
Starting Day Time: Forenoon
Day Time Speed: Fast

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