Master Server

Serwer Dominik [00m 14s]

Wetlands - 2 Teams (2 versus 2)

Throwback S7 - Never Ending War v7.5.7

Team 1

 (H) DominikAmericanLoss

Team 2

Base Level: Depot Only
Amount of People: 6
Skill Level: Little experienced
Starting Resources: Medium
Shipments Density: Medium
Extra deposits: Normal
Morale Flags: Slowly Decreasing
Siberite detection: Researched
Amount of Apemen: Medium
People Respawning: Rare
Siberite bomb: Authorized
Kings of the hill - Points to win: Disbale
Amount of Tigers: Few
Amount of Apemen in the Team: 2
Sheikh preference (Arabian only): Without Sheikh

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