Master Server

Serwer Miften [33m 36s]

Four to Win - King of the Hill

 (H) PlatonovRussianLoss
 Edmunt Toczyryba?kaRussianLoss
 †Bremen†tRussianLoss (OW Closed)
 (S) MlynSon and (S) Pezet ma racjeSpectator
Base Level: Depot Only
Amount of People: 15
Skill Level: Little experienced
Starting Resources: 3
Shipments Density: 50
Extra Oil deposits: Normal
Morale Flags: 0
Siberite detection: Researched
People Respawning: Rare
Amount of Apemen: 0
Siberite Bomb: 0
Public score: No
Victory Conditions: 500 points
Build Up Time: 0

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